Screechers by Kevin J. Kennedy & Christina Bergling – Review

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Screechers by Kevin j. Kennedy & Christina Bergling

Rating – 5/5

In a post-apocalyptic world, where there are virtually no human beings left, mutated monsters roam free. The new world is now inhabited by merciless, furless Apoc-wolves, abominable, giant crab-scorpion hybrids, and many more nameless predators.

One of such monsters is the screecher, a massive beast evolved to kill and survive. One screecher, after losing its family, decides to get out of the abandoned city and explore the areas beyond. Its surviving nephew also opts to tag along with it, albeit at a distance.

On the
other hand, a trio of human survivors flees their burnt-down community in
search of greener pastures. These two stories collide in a surprisingly tender
manner in Screechers, a post-apocalyptic novella by Kevin Kennedy and
Christina Bergling.

In a short span of seventy-six pages, this novella packs a punch with vividly descriptive action scenes…

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