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Christina Bergling has been writing since childhood. She has written a variety of styles. A blog from Iraq, software user guides, articles for a numismatist magazine. More than anything, she is a horror author.

In college, she pursued a professional writing degree and started publishing small scale. It all began with “How to Kill Yourself Slowly.”

img_20181014_195501_940Crystal Lake released her latest novel, Followers. Limitless Publishing published her novel The Rest Will Come. HellBound Books published her two novellas, Savages and The Waning. She co-wrote Screechers with Kevin J. Kennedy. She is also featured in numerous anthologies, including Collected Christmas Horror Shorts, Demonic Wildlife, Colorado’s Emerging Authors, and Graveyard Girls.

Divided 23Bergling lives with her family in Colorado and spends her non-writing time working in IT, hiking mountains, dancing, and sucking all the marrow out of life.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. i just read “how to kill yourself slowly” and i believe that you truly understand depression because nobody who hadnt suffer from it, couldnt write a better article. It was like speaking to myself while reading it.

    • Thank you, Edgar. I am always sorry that someone can relate to my pain. However, I appreciate your words more than you know and hope you found comfort knowing you are far from alone. Cheers!

  2. Are you still writing? I must admit, I haven’t was your books but am fascinated none the less. Do you still believe in the same values that made you write your earlier books?

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